Strangest summer

It’s been the strangest summer, but the wood continues to move with the seasons.  The following photographs were taken during this spring and summer as we all grappled with a more complicated way of life; the simplicity of the wood has been my respite throughout and hopefully these photographs convey a little of that.

Some of the ants in the wood are quite large!
The underside of a bracket fungus – here you can see the tiny pores from which spores are released.
A new tree – but an intriguing one because this is the small leaved lime which has not been able to reproduce by seed in the UK for over 2000 years, since the temperature dropped after the last interglacial. This tiny tree is a significant distance from any parent plant. Is this evidence of global warming? Have temperatures risen enough that the small leaved lime can once again reproduce by seed?
The honeysuckle has smelled lovely this year.
An early purple orchid, a lovely surprise in May, found in a place they had not been spotted in before.
A baby song thrush, only hours old – its brothers and sisters weren’t far behind.
Just before fledging, this baby nuthatch surveys a likely flight path.
Red admiral resting on the log pile.
Greater butterfly orchid – this year’s star new find.
Here you can see an old yew has fallen. Its roots had been anchored so tightly into the limestone pavement, that as it has fallen, it has ripped huge chunks of it up.
Green heart in the wood.
A beautiful, black headed cardinal beetle.
A close up of our greater butterfly orchid – each individual flower head is so intricate. This particular orchid is an indicator of ancient woodland.
It’s just beginning to move into the fungi season again, and here is a smart looking fungus we found near the wall we are rebuilding.
Magnificent in the sunshine, a violet ground beetle.
The wonderful symmetry of nature – the fruit and leaves of herb-paris.



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