It so frustrating to hike all the way out to base camp, then realise I have forgotten the milk, or the wooden spoon… once I forgot the matches – I only did that the one time.  Now we have a shed, cooking in the woods is a lot easier, but at the start we carried everything in, and everything out, every trip.

I have tried, with each recipe, not only to include all the ingredients you will need, but also a list of the equipment you might need, and sneaky ways you can be more prepared when you are out in the woods.  If I have made any mistakes or missed out your favourite sneaky tip, please let me know.  I love anything the makes cooking in the outdoors easier.  Or send me your favourite recipe to cook in the woods.  I’m always up for trying something new.


Breakfast pancakes
Dropped Scones
Bacon and Tomato Cobbler
Baked Potatoes!
Hot spiced apple juice with gingerbread stars


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