Who’s poo?

It’s not great conversation for the dinner table, but it is quite a good way of keeping an eye on what is out and about in the countryside!  I find an animal’s poo is one good way of identifying which animals were around before the ‘loud crowd’ arrived.  I have seen deer, hare and squirrels when I’ve been in the woods alone, and on our camera trap we have caught foxes and badgers too.

Just as a precaution, it is best not to handle animal scats (poo!), as they do contain germs. If you want to break them apart to see what they contain, it is sensible to use a stick.


Badgers dig pits as toilets, and you often find these pits clustered together in latrines.




Deer leave behind dark shiny pellets.



Fox scats tend to be long, twisty and a bit tapered.  This is full of fur from what it ate last…