Sometimes I wake up in the morning with these amazing ideas.  Hey, why don’t we….  Sometimes, well, often if I’m honest, my plans are not quite as easy as I imagine them to be.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think… what are we going to do today?  So I have put in some information about things my family and I like to do in the wood.  Maybe it will inspire you.  Maybe it will save you the embarrassment of explaining to the children why, given the plan was to toast marshmallows, you didn’t bring the right things to light a fire (I am remembering the time I tried to light damp leaves with a binocular lens in hazy sunshine).  Maybe you want to write and tell me I’m missing out on your favourite activity as a family.  However you use this page, I hope it is helpful.

Lighting fires
Making simple firelighters

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