Fire lighters


These firelighters are so easy to make, cost me nothing, but take most of the stress out of lighting a fire.  Amos and Melody like to help me make these, though I still do the pouring of the hot wax for them.  Each egg box makes a set of six fire lighters.

To make the fire lighters, you will need:


  1. Old egg boxes with the lids removed.
  2. An old baked bean can or similar.
  3. Dry wood chips (I use ones I produce when carving) or sawdust or small dry twigs broken small so they will fit into the egg box cups.
  4. The ends of old candles and tea lights.
  5. An old saucepan.

To make the fire lighters:

  1. Place a pile of dry wood into the bottom of each cup of the egg box.
  2. Put all your bits of old wax into the tin, then place the tin in an old pan with enough water in to surround the tin, but not enough to make the tin float.IMG_0140
  3. Gently heat the wax until it melts (use a twig to stir if needed.)
  4. Carefully pour dribbles of wax over the wood in the cups, like you were drizzling icing to decorate tray bakes.  You don’t need to fill the cups, just a drip of wax goes a long way.
  5. Allow the wax to set hard.
  6. Cut the egg boxes up into the six cups, and place into a zip lock bag to keep them dry.  And there you have it – simple fire lighters.