Summer snaps

Our summer holidays are almost at an end. Here is the third, and last, of the three photo posts I put together for the holidays.  These are photographs from July and August in the wood,  mostly taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts.

Absolutely gorgeous little green weevil popped up to say ‘Hi’ in the wood today…
Just a quick shout out of thanks to all who follow the happenings up at the wood on my blog, Twitter, or Instagram. Thank you for all your kind comments and likes. It’s lovely to be able to exchange ideas and thoughts. Thank you all.
What a wasp!
Late brood snuggling down for the evening…
The tiger who came to breakfast…
I like bramble flowers – somehow they manage to look beautiful despite the crumples in their petals… there’s hope for me yet!
Wow! Had a visit from a hedgehog today. Look at those prickles! I love the simple ingenuity of evolution…
Appearing out of nowhere, these pristine fungi have such a perfect texture…
Sunlight catches the scales on the wing of this speckled wood butterfly… such ephemeral beauty.
After the thunder, lightning and rain, here’s the fungi back again!
I was surprised to see jelly appearing in the wood today, but it’s such a pretty yellow! (Shame about the name – yellow brain anyone?)
Today was a great day for frogs!
A little ladybird larvae wearing its black booties popped up to camp to hang out on the water carrier today! We enjoyed its company…
Autumn’s bounty is well on its way – though whether these hazel nuts last through to ripening is another question. The squirrels don’t seem to mind them green…
Beautiful male nuthatch ringed (under BTO licence) up at the wood. He’s a little ruffled as he is in moult – he deserves a new coat after wearing himself ragged raising seven little nuthatches this year!
Pretty little fungi that the rain brought out…
The rowans are heavily laden, the vivid red berries glistening with raindrops…
Whoa… frilly fungi!
What a natty arrival at the Cosy Shed in the wood today. Aptly named too – the forest bug!

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