Life in the woods

I am off line for a couple of  weeks, so am taking the opportunity to post two photo blogs (one last week, one this) – some of the photos are taken from my daily instagram (@TreesofSanctuary) and Twitter (@Peaceinthewood) posts, some are online for the first time.  I hope they convey what I have been unable to say in words….

“My welcoming committee. I was accompanied by these cows on my walk to the woods today.”
“Green veined white on the piece of roadside verge that was spared by the mower… precious spaces.”
“Tiny toad!”
“I found a female large red damselfly sunning itself on the hazel as I went to the woods this morning.”
“The robin has been ousted from it’s nest by the blackbird.”
“Here yesterday, gone today – these little ones are now off the nest and being fed by their parents in amongst the wild garlic.”
“Look who came crawling through the wood…”
“Flitting through the woods, little brown faeries of summer.”
“Natty, not-so-little visitor to our woodland camp today!”
“Who says moths are dull?! Burnished brass resplendent in the early morning sunshine.”
“Caught red-pawed! So that’s where the hawfinch’s food has been going!”
“A different scale – how many baby aphids in this nursery?! Bird food for the autumn…”
“Waiting for lunch… “
“Such a beautiful delicate green.  This light emerald moth was on the road after the strong winds, amongst the scattered tree seeds.”
“A jewel in the dock plants, Amos and I found this female green dock beetle on our walk in the woods today. It was splendidly iridescent as it sat amongst the foliage.


“I was thrilled to find this fluffy young tawny owl as we left the badgers in the woods; such a special moment.”
“Lovin’ the colours on this dudette! No wonder it’s called the marmalade hoverfly.”


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