Views from the woods

I am off-line for a couple of  weeks, so am taking the opportunity to post two photo blogs (one this week, one next) – some of the photos are taken from my daily instagram (@TreesofSanctuary) and Twitter (@Peaceinthewood) posts, some are online for the first time.  I hope they convey what I have been unable to say in words…

Spring sunshine on bluebells
“Bursts of light twined through the hedgerow. I think the name ‘traveller’s joy’ fits this plant so much better than ‘old man’s beard’ at this time of year.”
“The ferns I see when I stroll around the woods are not the whole story; they are in fact half the story as ferns have a complicated life cycle which involves two distinct forms.”
“Logs to burn! Logs to burn! Logs to save the coal a turn!”
“And the winner of the ‘most blossom on a single branch’ competition goes to…”
Delicate pink
“Red clover – surprisingly pretty up close, and brilliant for bees…”
“This crane’s bill almost seems to fluoresce, adding its colour to the grass verge.”
“I found this looking exotic in the hedgerow today – hedge woundwort.  Used for healing wounds, it contains volatile oils with antiseptic qualities.  Pretty and useful!”
“Extravagant plumes, quivering lanterns, gentle misty sprays and tough tufts stand high above the grass blades, many laden with pollen that billows up and floats on any breeze that stirs the stalks.”
“As I sit typing this the air hangs heavy over the wood.  It is absolutely silent here. Not a breath of air, not a moving leaf.  Then a breeze passes through and there is a lightening, a chirp, a flutter, a rustle before once again, the smother of summer.”
“The children walked home from the woods last night stuffed full of blackberries! I blinked and the flowers turned into fruit… it doesn’t seem long since I was waiting for the flowers to open.”
“Enchanter’s nightshade – a name whispering intrigue and magick…”
“As the embers glowed, we rested by the fire, listening to the badgers foraging in the dry leaf litter…”
“After the rain, the mushrooms…”
“There’s something magical about a lantern in the dark of the woods…”


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