A hint of autumn

This week’s post is a photo-post with pictures mostly taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts this autumn. I hope you enjoy your visual visit to the wood today…

Early fallen hazelnuts are still a treat for squirrels.
A comma butterfly rests in the brambles.
Elderberry beginning to ripen.
The bracken glows gold.
‘As we left the wood to go home, a beautiful comma butterfly flew in to roost. Looking so much like an autumn leaf, I’d never have spotted it unless I’d seen it land.’
Sycamore on sycamore.
Not so many fungi around this season as yet, but I found this little clump in a hazel coppice stool – fit for any fairy!
In the field we walk through to reach the wood…
‘Heartwood doesn’t stop supporting life when the tree it supported is no longer living.’
Bracket fungi on fallen deadwood.
One of our wild service trees, some of the most Northerly in Britain. Their colour is stunning at this time of year.
‘Such wonderful patterning made by fungi growing beneath the tree’s bark. Now the bark has gone, the pattern is revealed. I think it’s beautiful.
Life continues though the tree has fallen.
Autumn colour.
The amazing hazel leaf-roller nursery!
‘My fingers are stained a guilty pink from hedgerow foraging…’
An oak on the edge of autumn.

2 thoughts on “A hint of autumn

    • treesofsanctuary October 28, 2020 / 7:10 pm

      I see a distinct lack of hummingbirds in our wood compared to yours 😉 Seriously though, you are right, each wood different and such a vital part of the planet’s biodiversity.

      Liked by 1 person

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