Year’s end

As this year draws to a close, here are a few photos taken in the wood over the last three months. Some of the photos are taken from my instagram (@TreesofSanctuary) and Twitter (@Peaceinthewood) posts, most are online for the first time. I hope these photographs show little snippets of what has been going on up at the woods recently.Ā  Wishing you all a Happy New Year with best wishes for 2020. And, as always, thanks for following.

Frost in the wood.
One of our new nest boxes, numbered and waiting for spring.
‘Swathes of miniature crystal ferns clinging to each grass blade.’
Ice crystals rarely make it through the protection of the trees to the woodland floor.
‘Whoa! this fairy house has a rooftop extension! Apparently these inverted fruiting bodies (rosecomb) occur in particularly productive, wet years… Well I can certainly confirm the wet part of that!’
‘Some walls stand taller than me, beautifully constructed and as perfect as if they had been built yesterday…’
‘Decorations have been hung (in the pouring rain!) on the hazel tree by our campfire…’
Frosty ivy flowers.
Dormouse box one! There are twenty of these luxury apartments now waiting and ready to entice any passing dormice!
‘Frosted sheep are breathing steam and yesterday’s boot marks in the mud, then water filled, are now ghostly ice footprints, leading to the wood.’
Our first batch of bird boxes.
We seem to have a good berry crop in the wood this year – it’s starting to look quite Christmassy!
I posted the holly, so here’s the ivy with a festive frosty feel!
Autumn colour despite the rain…
It’s wet and chilly up at the woods right now and a cheery fire is a must. This log off our wood pile has a reprieve though! Such fab little fungi šŸ™‚
Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays! I wish you all a fabulous festive season. It has been wonderful to share this last year with you all. Thank you for all your fantastic comments and all your posts, interesting and inspiring. Take care and see you in January.

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