Autumn jewels

School’s out, so it’s a photo blog this week! It’s been a really wet autumn up at the wood, but there are many things that like it that way.  Here is a selection of photos taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts in the run up to the half term holidays. I hope you enjoy them.

“Mushrooms are everywhere in the wood at the moment. Amos found some really great ones the other day. He called them high-vis mushrooms because of their almost glowing, yellow-green colour; the recently erupted ones had not burst out of their casing so they looked like little white snowmen. Very cool – except that they were death caps, the most toxic mushrooms in the UK… cool, so long as you remember not to eat them…”
“There is something about mushrooms, something magical. They can appear overnight, disappear almost as quickly; they are quirky, structurally architectural, colourful. When they are fresh and perfect, they beg to be touched, picked, examined. They carry a hint of mystery, folklore, fairy dust. But just as fascinating to me is what I don’t see. The mushroom isn’t the whole story – in fact it’s really only the end of the story, and only a fraction of the organism itself…”
Just look at the size of those antennae! This is an oak bush cricket that visited our camp – such a snappy dresser in that fabulous green!
Slime moulds are just out of this world… it’s like the wood’s growing tentacles!
Little village?
Bright autumn colour…
Well… the moss is enjoying the rain 🙂
The puffballs are back!
It seems that every nook and cranny in the wood is home to someone or something…
Yes, it is a little harder to find the beauty of the wood when the weather is this wet… but it only takes a second glance.
“Fungi abound in fascinating colours and shapes, from the minute to the enormous. There are stripy frills, red cups, puffs balls, fairy homes with maroon roofs and cream walls, translucent mushrooms that look as if they should glow in the dark and umbrellas ranging in colour from green to plum.”
Big mushroom, little mushroom!
Is it just me or does it look like this tree is crying? (With joy obviously; the sun is finally shining today!)

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