Look back at spring

With the summer holidays in full swing, this is the first of three photo posts I have put together.  Spring is so awaited, and yet, when it finally comes, seems to go so quickly.  Here are some of the photographs celebrating late spring in the wood this year, taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts.

I love garlic mustard’s other name – ‘Jack-by-the-hedge’! And that’s exactly where I found it.
Spring sunshine on the beech…
The cuckoo flower is opening, but alas, it no longer heralds the return of the cuckoo here…
Such a beautiful bank holiday! The gorse is smelling magnificent in the warm sunshine. Happy Monday all.
Ah – finally! A speckled wood, in our wood, on camera. They really don’t do sitting still!
The bluebells are so beautiful in the wood at the moment – I’ve found it impossible to take a photograph that shows just how stunning they look, but I hope this picture gives a hint of it…
A little battered, but still a joy to see flitting throught the wood. Looking forward to seeing more of these as the weather warms up over the next few days.
Shapes of elegance in the wood this morning…
How many baby nuthatches?! I think maybe seven?
Sooo excited! FOUR cubs in our main sett! This picture is a bit hazy, but this is Mum and baby. Worth the nights of seeing nothing and getting soaked to see four fluffy badgers hurtling around play fighting for twenty minutes 🙂
Look who cadged a lift round the wood on my bag today! A beautiful variable longhorn beetle – better than any sparkly badge!
“The dome layers fall away to reveal the hexagonal chambers of the incredible comb within.”
One little eye peeping out at the cold, wet weather! These three marsh tits looked very snug today in their nest lined with moss and lamb’s wool.
Nettles can be pretty too…
Cascades of beautiful pink rimmed hawthorn blossom on the edge of the wood today.

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