Spring in pictures


Over the weekend, the bluebells opened and the wood is blue.  Spring has really arrived and here are the photographs to prove it. (Some of the photographs are taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts, and some are new.)


Majestic queen emerging from hibernation into the warmth of a spring sun. The whole woodland seemed to be waking up this morning.
Dew drenched morning, so beautiful and clear. What a wonderful day to be outdoors.
Bottoms up!
Tumbled walls stand out like enormous green catepillars in their vibrant green moss coats, and green is beginning to seep into the floor of the wood. The sun is bright, and the shadows of trunks fall over the ground making patterns with contrast.
Look what I found today – a miniature forest beneath the trees!
Sooo close! I’ve been watching these primroses for a month, but spring seems to be on pause for the moment. Can’t wait to see the buds open!
Would you believe it?! Some cheeky creature has eaten the bud on the primrose I’ve been watching – and it was so nearly flowering! But to make up for it, I found the wood dotted with tiny purple jewels…
First day of spring, and I can barely see ten metres through the mist in front of me! Fortunately, this flash of gold was at my feet to remind me that spring really is here.
The details of the lichen’s life came as a surprise; I had completely overlooked the fascinating story unfolding in each minute growth of lichen.
Hawthorne leaves are bursting from their buds in the wood; such a marvellous shimmer of fresh green.
A lovely sight – the first comma of the year sunning itself in a woodland clearing.
First bluebell!
Hurray! It’s the time of year for campfire meals again – and the time of year when I realise the family appetite has outgrown yet another dutch oven!
The larch is beginning to flower in such pretty colours.
False puffballs, like pearly marshmallows! Just lovin’ those slime moulds!
The elm leaves are opening like miniature fans; such a perfect spring green.
Blue sky through spring honeysuckle…
A bluebell sea.

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