Colours of early autumn

img_2056Anticipating the chaos of half term, I sat down last week and compiled an album of photographs in case I didn’t get round to writing a blog. Needless to say, I haven’t managed to fit blogging into holiday madness, so here instead are some of the highlights of early autumn in our wood. Some of the photographs are taken from my Instagram (@treesofsanctuary) and Twitter (@peaceinthewoods) posts, and some are new.

“Strings of bryony berries add splashes of colour to the now tattered hedgerows.”
Autumnal colours
“Floral fungi to brighten up your Monday.”
“A plant with two names and two faces; ‘Traveller’s Joy’ has lost it’s delicate flowers of summer and is now filling the hedgerows with the white whiskers of an ‘Old Man’s Beard’.”
“Look what popped up this morning! It surprises me not one bit that mushrooms appear in so many illustrations of faeries. This mushroom house even has a front door!”
“I think we have mushrooms in every colour of the rainbow in the woods at the moment.  These green ones are just so cool!”
Autumn bracken on the woodland floor
“It took so much will power not to jump on this puff ball before taking this photo – it was just crying out to be puffed! (I can confirm I did do some jumping later…)”
“These fungi have that ‘Friday feeling’ – I’m sure the mushroom on the right is grinning!”
Across the fields to the wood.
“One little, two little, three little mushrooms…”
Umbrella?  Parasol?
“Long autumn lights… the peace before today’s storm.”
Finding a home for winter
The canopy begins to thin.
“Clear autumnal evenings, cold air and wood smoke – stories unfold in the dark…”

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